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The Perfect LED replacement for HPS


Immediately cut energy use by changing some or all of your lamps to LED.

Rising energy prices are making it harder for growers to keep their businesses profitable. We want to help by making the switch to LED as painless as possible, with a true 1-to-1 replacement for your energy-hungry HPS lamps and a repayment program that allows you to spread the capital cost over time.




1 HPS out, 1 LED in. NO layout changes!

We offer highly efficient LED models that replace and match the light output of 400, 600 and 1000 Watt HPS fixtures, while consuming half the power. TCE offer horticultural LED lighting currently illuminating greenhouses in over 20 countries around the globe, offering improved light uniformity and a range of tailored spectra to boost plant performance and yields.

Valoya RX325 S2

Valoya RX325.png

Valoya RX325

Designed as a replacement for HID lighting, the RX-series is a high power, dimmable LED luminaire with a high IP rating. The robust all aluminium build, passive cooling and tempered glass cover ensure a long lifetime in the most demanding of environments.

The luminaire can be placed up to 4 m (13′) above the canopy. Typical lifetime is 50 000 hours for the light output to drop to 70% of nominal.

Current R600 Retro

Current R600.jpg



Slim, efficient and robust LED top lighting complemented by flexible installation options optimized for greenhouses.

Features & Benefits

  • True 1:1 replacement for legacy 600W HPS greenhouse fixtures

  • Ultra-slim form factor for minimal crop shading

  • Super-low energy consumption: 330 watts

  • 84% more efficient than HPS at 3.0 µmol/J

  • Superior uniformity: unique optic design spreads light evenly over 4’ x 4’ footprint

  • Reliable and rugged: rated IP66 for water and dust resistance

  • High performance: PPF of up to 1038 µmol/s

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